I have noticed that if you look carefully at people’s eyes the first five seconds they look at you, the truth of their feelings will shine through for just an instant before it flickers away.”

Sue Monk Kidd, The Secret Life of Bees


Don’t get so stubborn that you can’t succumb to some healthy peer pressure.



Comparison is the thief of joy.

Theodore Roosevelt


Find what you love, and let it kill you.

Charles Bukowski


If EQ could be measured in weight, I want to be the fattest person in the world.



I give it to you not that you may remember time, but that you might forget it now and then for a moment and not spend all your breath trying to conquer it.

William Faulkner


I've gots to gets to goin.

Hayley Wilcox


Find the Good.

Dan McCartney


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