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tube thoughts

Updated: Jan 15

A collage of thoughts from tube rides in London over five weeks.


See it. Say it. Sort it. That simple?

double shot Tanqueray and Fever Tree tonic

Thank god treadmills have those bumpers on each side or else I’d be in the gutter every time I incline walk

They drive on the left here, so they walk on the left here, so I find myself doing lots of side-step sidewalk jigs or having head-on collisions

Mean girls are mean.

Five Guys bacon cheeseburger with Cajun fries before a Hozier concert. Live, and learn.

Have we, as a society, just accepted that men will have chronic pit stains in button down shirts?

I like how they say “quite” rather than “very.”

I’m not quite sure what an internal compass is but I think mine is broken because I know my lefts from rights but that’s about it.

Couples—everywhere. I miss my boyfriend

Three concerts in a week. Can I do four?

Addicted to collared shirts

“C’mon. One drink”

I have this shameful fixation on toilet paper lately because I only have 1.5 rolls left for the last two weeks and I won’t buy a new 4-pack so, every time I’m in a public restroom, I check if the roll will fit in my purse.

Must I save my ring finger for marriage?

Visiting a lot of paint-by-numbers places

Let’s talk to people more, and about people less.

My stomach has forgotten what a vegetable feels like

I drowned my phone in my new purse last night on the way to a play because my water bottle cap was only half-on so I bought a bag of rice at Tesco and when the theater security guard checked my bag he said “Is that a bag of rice?”

“This train does NOT go to Heathrow Airport. Once again, does NOT go to Heathrow Airport” every stop for 12 stops to the Apple Store.

I don’t have the same steam as I did when I was 20 and I have no other word for it but steam.

Media teaches us that nothing should “squish.” B**bs, belly, back fat. Like a dinner plate—how dare your broccoli touch your mashed potatoes?

$4.23 in my bank account

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