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Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Pieces that should do the Should’s

but pieces that so badly want the Want’s.

Pieces that flirt with the beaten path

and pieces that are scared to death, yet


by the uncharted.

Pieces who eat anything, anytime

Pieces who must eat everything—every time.

Pieces who crave routine

a committed chaos

others who despise the unsurprising


for a magical mayhem.

Pieces who don’t know bedtime

and pieces that require a full nine.

Pieces that drown in music

and in silence.

Pieces that want to say it all and—

shut up! just shut up.

Pieces that want to be with everyone and

no one

at once.

Pieces who want want want

and pieces who want to yard sale every last piece.

Pieces that love the game

and pieces that didn’t mind when it was gone.

Pieces who forget I play the game

and pieces who forget I am


anything else.

Pieces who are finally free and yet suddenly


Perhaps not all pieces are meant to puzzle

fixed in a pretty picture

and perhaps some puzzles are not meant to be solved

but left shelved, the pieces




each other

in perfect chaos.

Perhaps they are just

pieces of me

and I am to let them be.

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