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18 october 2017

You, boy, who only see us content and free of worry,

If you knew the stress we continuously have to live through

you would understand our love of binge-eating junk food and wearing no makeup.

There are not many among us

who haven't gone through a period of poor morals

when we starved ourselves to be “skinny.”

We are rarely surprised to hear

that someone has not eaten all day-- we are used to it.

And they are not to blame: society pressures,

or a singly fat joke destroys our self-confidence,

as when the envy for perfection clouds all reason.

I once saw a beautiful young girl starve herself

because she was not as skinny as a model

and preferred to not eat instead of accepting her body.

But before she stopped eating she declared this would finally make her happy,

for this way she was sure she would be as “perfect” 

as that six-feet tall, 100-pound model.

Once on a lazy day

a girl wore no makeup and a sweatshirt

while other schoolgirls stood round about her dolled up in mascara and tight clothes.

Why did they try so hard?

And why did all the guys only talk to them

when she was clearly sitting right there?

So she started dressing like the other girls.

And went against her morals to fit in--

Then she got a boyfriend and befriended the popular girls,

so she was finally “happy.”

But from that time on she was paralyzed 

Because she had sacrificed part of herself.

That is what can happen to teenage girls.

We go through it ourselves

And know what one suffers from, so we can not judge them.

And how would any guy who eats what he wants and loves himself

be able to understand the impossible demands of societal norms?

We only know that we all want so much to be “perfect”!

influenced by "Hunger" by Samik

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